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Jacksonville releases body cam footage from dog shooting

JACKSONVILLE, Tx (KETK) - Body cam footage was released today in the shooting of a family's dog by a Jacksonville Police officer.

"There have already been some inaccurate stories circulating on social media about the matter and I am here to give the facts and to dispel the non-facts," said Andrew Hawkes, Jacksonville Police Chief. "The body cam footage will prove the facts to be consistent with the officer's account of what happened."

The officer arrives on scene after being dispatched for someone illegally using fireworks within the city limits.

While approaching the back of the home, the officer scans the area with her flashlight.

This is where you first see the family's dog "Che-che."

The officer moves toward the front of the house when you faintly hear the sound of the dog running in her direction.

The encounter with the dog is quick.

The dog is shot. Bleeding out, he runs into the family home. The family is obviously very upset.

The Lacy family still has questions about the shooting.

"What's wrong with a taser and spray," asked Lourdes Lacy.

"They should always choose that before pulling out a gun," adds one of Lacy's daughters.

But Jacksonville PD says the officer followed protocol.

"I will always adamantly defend my officer's right to use force to protect themselves from serious bodily injury," said Chief Hawkes.

The family text us after the press conference. They said Che-Che died protecting his territory from a stranger and it's better for them to move on.

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