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Jacksonville ISD schoolboard given tour of Tomato Bowl

Jacksonville, Texas (KETK) - Jacksonville's crown jewel, the Tomato Bowl,  is looking more and more like it's coming back together.

Monday afternoon Jacksonville ISD school board members were given a tour of the stadium.

The last time we visited the Tomato Bowl, they were still in the demolition phase.

Now they are in the construction phase and since everything is going smoothly, Jacksonville ISD says it was a good time to give the school board a tour.

"We're thrilled to see the progress with the Tomato Bowl," said Chad Kelly, Jacksonville ISD Superintendent. "The voters approved this by 80%, they trust us to get the job done and we are getting the job done and going to be finished on time."

With the demolition phase lasting as long as it did, seeing the newly constructed buildings and fresh concrete was a welcome site for the school board.

"It's kind of mind blowing a little bit," said Jeff Horton, Jacksonville ISD Schoolboard President. "When we walked in here a while ago for the first time it's like walking into a real stadium. You know it's just the way they've moved everything around and I'm just anticipating opening day." 

Everyone has a new feature they are looking forward to.

"My favorite part on this one is going to be seeing the new home press box," said Shane Johnson, Jackson Construction/Project Manager. "Just being able to see that view from the other side of the field, it's going to be a superior looking building."

"I'm looking forward to the reserve seats with backs on them," said Horton.

Once the new tomato bowl is completed in April 2019, both the school-board and the construction company are certain the entire community will be proud of their tomato bowl once again.

"This is a great project it's really exciting, I'm looking forward to see the finished product," said Johnson. "What it's going to looking like I think there are going to be some college guys that would feel honored to play out here."

The scheduled day for opening is April 1, 2019, and there will be no fools that day only happy fans returning home.

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