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Jacksonville family says police killed their dog

JACKSONVILLE, Tx (KETK) - Jacksonville Police were answering a routine call on July 4th because someone was setting off fireworks in the city, which is illegal.

According to the Lacy family, an officer came to their home to ask if they knew where the fireworks were coming from. That's when the officer shot their five-year-old German Shepherd "Che-Che."

"She was claiming she called out and nobody heard," said Lourdes Lacy, Che-Che's owner. "That's what she was claiming. Why does she have to yell back there? First place, why did she stop at our address? We did not call her. She doesn't have any right on our property, much more, kill our family member."

The family tells us the officer claims she feared for her safety, which doesn't make sense to them because they say Che-Che was not that kind of dog.

"How in heaven's name would he charge," said Lourdes. "He was not taught that way. Even though that's their instinct."

The Lacy family remembers their dog as kind and silly.

"You're sitting on the couch and he would move your hand with his snout and look at you like come play," said Kaila Lacy, Lourdes' daughter.

"For his birthday, we always made him his birthday cake of peanut butter," said Stephanie Lacy, Lourdes' other daughter.

"And he had one of those birthday hats on," said Kaila.

"And he had his little candles lit and we would blow it out for him," said Stephanie.

Their last memory of Che-Che was the moments before his death.

"I saw Che-Che creeping inside the house...he was really hurt," said Lourdes. "What can we do? They just killed my baby."

We reached out to Jacksonville Police Department for comment.They tell me they have reviewed the police officers body cam footage and believe there was no wrongdoing. They plan to release the footage to the public on Friday. 

A press conference will be held on Friday, July 13, 2018 at 10:00 AM in the Jacksonville City Council Chambers located at the Jacksonville City Hall.

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