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Groveton teen wins world championship for cutting horses

Groveton, Texas (KETK) - Big news in Groveton, in Trinity County.

A 16-year-old has brought home a world championship in the high school finals for cutting horses--a sort of rodeo event.

He, his family and the town couldn't be more proud.

Just six months after former Groveton student Lane Johnson brought home a Super Bowl win, a current student brings home another world championship.

This time for cutting horses in the National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFH) all the way in Wyoming.

"It didn't really kick in until the next day but it feels really good," said Carson Ray, World Champion Horse Cutter. "I know I went up there having a good chance to score high but I didn't know I had any shot to win."

But those who know him well say they knew he could do it.

Larry Fortenberry, the Groveton High School Agriculture teacher, says Carson "breathes" the cowboy life.

"So when he got into the cutting horse deal I though he'd be good at it because he knows how to sort cattle and stuff like that," said Fortenberry. "He's a cowboy."

But despite his confidence Carson said when his name was called it took a while before the jitters went away.

"My second round I was pretty nervous but the short round I felt good," he said. "I was glad to get through a run in the short go so I could finally breathe a little bit."

And he wasn't the only one, in the stands sat his biggest fan who was probably even more nervous.

"That's one of the few times I've had butterflies in my stomach," said Wade Ray, Carson's Father. "After every run I was so glad it was over so my stomach would somewhat settle down."

Now, Carson has a victory he can share with the whole town.

"Thrills like this are so few and far between that it is a big event and not just to us as a family," said Wade Ray.

Just one more big thing to come from a small town.

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