Gregg County listens to 2nd round of public comments as they decide future for statue of Confederate general

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Gregg County commissioners held a second round of public comments as they look to decide whether or not the statue of Confederate General John Gregg, who the county is named after, will be removed from the front of the courthouse.

18-year-old Chelsea Laury started the petition last month, saying: “A lot of these monuments were put up by the united daughters of the confederacy to intimidate a lot of people of color, black people,” said Laury. “I don’t expect everyone, especially in Longview to be open to change.”

She said that she believes that statue should be moved to a museum rather than displayed in front of the courthouse.

This isn’t the first time the issue has been raised. Back in 2018, 31 confederate statues, monuments, and school names were removed across Texas.

“African Americans, Black Americans were not brought to the table when they made the decision for the courthouse to be the home of the statue, but I’m hoping we can be part of the conversation moving forward,” said Nona Snoddy, city councilwoman.

Councilmember Snoody said she’s initiating conversation and has heard both sides of the issue.

However, her own opinion remains strong.

“I am in favor of having it removed, for obvious reasons,” said Snoody.

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