‘GOD GAVE US ANOTHER CHANCE’: Canton family looks back after devastating tornadoes that almost took their lives

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CANTON, Texas (KETK)- Traveling through Canton, you will hear similar stories of destruction and chaos. Broken power lines, trees snapped in half, and homes left in pieces; all plagued the town after tornadoes traveled through.

“We heard the building just pull away from itself. Something I haven’t ever been through,” says one tornado survivor.

The city of Canton was devastated by tornadoes back in 2017, and again in 2019.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, one Canton family is especially thankful this year, after surviving the wrath of the violent storms.

“I mean everything happened quick, so everything happened so fast, I was just praying to God. Like I said, we’re okay that’s the most important thing,” said Benita Rosas.

Back in May, the Rosas family were enjoying their time together at home. Suddenly, the alarms warning of an incoming tornado rang around them.

Benita Rosas was at work, and immediately thought about his family. As he rushed home to get his wife and their 6-month-old son, they traveled together through the city to find shelter at a nearby grocery store.

“I just started seeing stuff, trash, and trees, and my car started spinning you know, and then it threw me against the wall,” said Rosas.

Benito Rosas covering a broken window after a pole shatters the glass during the storm.

Hitting the side of the local business, a nearby pole fell, smashing the window protecting their baby from danger.

“So we hear the glass broke, so the first thing I did was check on him and see if he’s doing okay,” Rosas describes as his wife finishes his sentence, “he was crying, crying, crying.”

After paramedics arrived, the entire family was able to walk away.

All of them are survivors. Now, they are adding to their story.

“You live today, you don’t know about tomorrow. So after that happened, we try to be a better person. It’s like God gave us another chance,”

Benito Rosas

The Rosas family is thankful, not to be alive, but to be living. Today, they know the difference.

“For a minute, you think you’re going to die. All we did was just pray to God, especially for our baby,” Rosas continues, “I mean all we did was just pray.”

Tornadoes have twists and turns, but if you ask this family, a higher power led them straight to where they belong, together.

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