Former congressman weighs in on Melania speech drama

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An uproar of plagiarism allegations followed Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention Monday night. 

Former Congressman Jim Lightfoot represented Iowa’s 3rd district in the House of Representatives for 12 years. He says political speeches share language with previous ones all of the time.

“What Melania said in her speech, what apparently Michelle had said in her speech, they are the same words I’ve used hundreds of times over the course of a political career,” says Lightfoot.

He calls the hype Melania Trump’s speech has created “a manufactured distraction.”

“Nobody’s talking about the economy, nobody’s talking about how do we solve the immigration issue,” he says.

The Trump Organization’s in-house staff writer released a statement saying Melania shared passages with her that she liked from Michelle’s speech and she ultimately did not check the final draft against Mrs. Obama’s speech.

“It’s an issue of credibility, that we all deal with,” Lightfoot says.  “That the words we use, we know where they came from.”

Donald Trump chose not to fire her over this.  Lightfoot says he thinks this shows Trump stands behind his people.

“I’m sure there were soldiers on the battle field that General George Patton chewed their butts for what they did, but he didn’t send them home, he kept them in the fight.

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