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Former Brownsboro athlete laid to rest and remembered by close friends

BROWNSBORO, Tx (KETK) - "He made everybody better that knew him," said Phillip Smith, Austin Fout's former coach and a family friend.

He knew him most of his 20 years of life.

"It's tough," said Smith. "Many nights he was out at my house. We'd cook out and he'd come over. I have a son that's 16 and they're good friends."

"Fout", as his friends called him, was a pal to everyone he met.

"He was just great to be around and just always smiling and laughing," said Bailey Wilmeth, one of Fout's best friends. "I've never seen him in a bad mood, really, he was just happy."

And his best friends say his handshake was incredibly memorable.

"It was like he would almost just kind of reach way back here and just kinda hit you real hard and it was something," said Wilmeth.

"It was almost like a size up thing to see how strong you were," said Jake Conner, another one of Fout's best friends.

And hunting, for Fout, was like second nature. He even bought himself his dream hunting rifle just last week.

"He said I don't know what it is about this gun, I don't know what changed me to where I start hitting everything, but he said when I put it up to my shoulder, it's like it fires itself," said Conner.
"It just feels right."

Less than a week later...

Fout was killed while out on a dove hunting trip. The details of how he died have not yet been released.

But his friends, who consider themselves his brothers, say the tragedy will stay with them forever.

"I love him and I'll miss him and there won't be a day that I won't think about him," said Wilmeth.

They'll always remember his sideways smile and they know he will be with them on every hunt.

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