Former Baylor DE indicted on sexual assault charge

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Following his April arrest, former Baylor star defensive end Shawn Oakman has been indicted for second-degree felony sexual assault.
Oakman was indicted by a grand jury in Waco on Wednesday, according to ESPN.
On April 26, Alex Dunlap of obtained an incident report from the Waco Police Department in which Oakman was pegged in an assault against his then-girlfriend. The two had dated from August 2012 to January 2013, according to the report.
The report stated on January 10, 2013, Oakman’s ex-girlfriend said the he came over to her house and they began talking about comments on an Instagram page. The ex-girlfriend was asking Oakman to tell “one of his girls” to stop posting rude comments on her pictures. Oakman told the ex-girlfriend that she (meaning the ex-girlfriend) was not his girlfriend and began saying rude things to her, according to the report.
The girl began to cry and Oakman went in to hug her and the girl told him to stop and put her hands up. She went on to tell Oakman she would not hug him and asked him to leave. The report states this angered Oakman and he grabbed the girl under her armpits and shoved her into the brick walls and cabinets in her apartment. The girl said she told Oakman to stop and that he was hurting her. The report goes on to say the girl was curled up on the floor shaking when Oakman picked her up and began calling her a “slut” and a “whore.” Oakman continued to push her around, says the report. The girl said her arms hurt and then he shoved her face into the clutter that was on her bed, When she told Okaman he was hurting her, according to the report, Oakman responded, “You think I care?”
When police took photographs of the girl, she had a swollen lip and bruises under both arms.
The police report states officials believed more bruising would occur in the coming days.
Even though an incident report was filed with police, charges were never brought against Oakman.
OB’s Dunlap says the source who tipped him off about the Oakman incident said Baylor knew about the report and did nothing and a review of e-mails would prove that.
Prior to Oakman’s arrest, police obtained two search warrants for his DNA and cell phone. 
According to the police report, Oakman met a woman at a nightclub and he asked her if she wanted to go back to his duplex. The female told police Oakman then forced her into a bedroom, forcibly removed her clothes, forced her onto the bed then sexually assaulted her, reported the Waco Tribune
The Central Texas newspaper says police seized two comforters, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet from Oakman’s bedroom. They also report the female went to the hospital following the alleged assault and was examined by a sexual assault nurse.
He was out on $25,000 bond the same day as his arrest. 
Oakman was also suspended for one game in September 2015 for “violating team rules.”
Shawn Oakman’s attorney Michelle Tuegel said “Oakman and the woman had a previous intimate relationship that included numerous sexual consensual encounters that occurred over a period of time before the incident in April.” She also said “Mr. Oakman still has potential;  he is still a talented athlete. He has people behind him, who believe in him and support him.”
Before coming to Waco, Oakman was booted from the Penn State football after an incident at an on-campus store. According to a police report obtained by from the Penn State Police Department, Oakman went into the store to make a purchase. He presented his ID but the clerk noticed he’d hidden food and a drink and the clerk held his ID. Oakman then pushed the female employee against the wall and tried to get his ID back.

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