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Flint man accused of beating puppy

FLINT, Tx (KETK) - It was three weeks ago when the sound of a puppy yelping in pain rang through a flint neighborhood.

A man visiting friends had heard the cries at least three times that week.

On June 29, 2018, he decided to put an end to it and record the brutal act. He filmed a video over the fence.

"That's when I saw a man just beating a dog with a belt and this occurred for several minutes," said the man who asked to not be identified.

Keith McAllister was arrested for cruelty to a non-livestock animal.

The puppy,Ella, was surrendered by McAllister and taken to West Tyler Veterinary Clinic to be examined.

Besides finding fleas and hookworm...

"The only other abnormal physical exam finding was that she had some superficial lacerations and abrasions, like cuts on her, throughout her body in different stages of healing," said Dr. Sarah Watson. "So some looked like they were almost completely healed, and some looked more fresh."

Dr Watson tells us whatever Ella went through...

"Whenever she got here, she was very, very happy, very sweet and loving to everyone," said Dr. Watson. "She's adorable."

Last we heard, Ella was taken into the custody of Smith County Animal Control.

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