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Family of missing man: 'We miss you Brandon'

TYLER, Texas (KETK) - It has been three weeks since 32-year-old Brandon Harward went missing near Shiloh Road in Tyler. His family and police are asking for as much help as they can get. From what they can gather, he left his apartment with nothing but the clothes on his back and they're praying for his safe return.

"I love Brandon. Brandon's a really good man," said Brad Robison, Brandon's stepfather. "He is a very kind person."

It has been 22 days since he disappeared, but it feels like an eternity to Robison. 

"He'd be easily taken advantage of, plus he's probably naive towards people that might be cruel or mean to him," he said.

He said Brandon has Asperger Syndrome, which is a type of autism that affects social skills. However, he's high functioning and lives on his own in an apartment in Tyler.

"Everything was in its place, but he was no where to be found," said Don Martin with Tyler Police Department. 

He first went missing from Shiloh Road near Rose Rudman Park on his birthday. His family had planned an event for the special occasion and couldn't get ahold of him.  

"His car was still there, his cell phone was there, everything was like, this is odd. He wouldn't leave it like this," said Martin. "The odd thing is, his parents reported he's very meticulous about how he keeps his apartment. He's always double checking the door to make sure it's locked, two, three or four times. They went over and found his apartment totally unlocked." 

Police and a private agency, First Response Search and Rescue (FRSAR), have exhausted their efforts in finding him. Don Stephens with FRSAR said the last place they have confirmation of a sighting of Brandon was at Stanley's Barbecue on Beckham. Their bloodhounds found his scent there.

"He was under a lot of stress, he lost his job. He worried about it a lot," said Robison. "I think it was overwhelming to him because we were trying to help him stay on his own and support that. I think it was more difficult than we realized for him." 

In the state he's in, Robison said Brandon could be anywhere.

"We know that he asked one person to give him a ride to Mexico and we have no idea why he'd want to go to Mexico. He's never been there." 

Their faith in God gives them hope that he's safe, somewhere.

"Your family loves you and we miss you Brandon," he said. "We're so sorry you felt like you needed to leave this time, but we want you back. We want to be able to help you in anyway you need."

If you have any information related to his disappearance please contact Detective Andy Erbaugh at 903-531-1099 or Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1000.

They also encourage to share his story as much as possible on social media because right now, that's the best avenue to bring him back home. 


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