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President Donald Trump has had a busy first few days in the oval office, signing executive orders to change policies from the Obama administration.

“The media is still focusing on a crowd size, he’s already gone through 20 major changes to the way the United States does business,” Brent Thompson, Smith County Republican Chairman, said.

First, an executive order to start rolling back ObamaCare.

“The problems with the insurance and the care and the level of the system prior to ObamaCare versus after, everyone was just demanding changes,” Thompson said.

But Smith County democrats see problems for the future from a decision like this.

“Their claim was that they were going to repeal and replace, yet they haven’t offered any viable options to replace it, so people are going to suffer,” Michael Tolbert, Smith County Democratic Party Chairman, said.

We asked them about another executive order by Trump- withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“His way forward on the tpp is to negotiate individually with those Asian-Pacific countries, get better deals for our country,” Thompson said.

The move received bi-partisan support, including praise by Bernie Sanders.

“Now that’s been eliminated we’d like to see something better that’s going to benefit American trade,” Tolbert said.

A touchier subject for democrats was President Trump ordering to revive the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

“I think that’s more of an ideological decision and I do believe there’s going to be a lot more to be said about that before it actually goes through,” Tolbert said.

While it’s a decision many Texas republicans are celebrating.

“Now we can move forward and the oil and gas industry can do what it does best which is create jobs and revenue for Texas and the United States,” Thompson said.

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