East Texas woman shares personal journey after losing over 100 pounds, encourages others to take the first step

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The new year is just around the corner and a popular resolution is losing weight. However, for anyone who’s been on one of those journeys knows just that…it’s a journey.

“I think the hardest part is just having the confidence to take that first step,” said Tara McDonald, personal trainer.

Every week, McDonald works to help others achieve their personal and physical goals, but it’s stories like Chris Roberts that makes her job so rewarding.

“I decided it was time to try something and start taking control of my health,” said Roberts.

Now Roberts is doing push-ups and you wouldn’t believe she couldn’t even do one when she first started.

“My knees would hurt, my joints would hurt, but when the pounds started coming off, a few pounds here or there every day, it just really motivated me to be more active,” said Roberts.

It started with Roberts having a goal of shedding just a few pounds, but now she’s over 100 pounds lighter.

That goal of achievement didn’t come easy though. It started after a tragic loss.

“I knew it was time to make a change when I lost two family members to diabetes-related complications,” said Roberts.

With her heaviest being over 200 pounds, she thought her life would remain a constant battle and began feeling hopeless.

“I had just accepted that I was going to be a big girl, I’m going to have diabetes, I’m going to struggle with some issues,” said Roberts.

That was when she decided to change her life and now she tells a different story.

“After 15 years on insulin, I am no longer diabetic, and I’ve gotten off blood pressure medicine, thyroid medication, my body has just really responded,” said Roberts.

While she may be medication free, her achievements didn’t come pain-free.

“I used to not be able to ride the roller coaster with my kids because there was a weight restriction and I would see that sign and I would just cry inside,” said Roberts.

While losing weight was one goal, her ultimate goal was to live her life again and enjoy every bit with her family.

“I took them back last summer and I took a picture of that sign, with my big thumbs up and my big smile on my face that I’m not restricted anymore,” said Roberts.

Through her journey, she wasn’t just working out in the gym but taking control of her diet too.

“It’s definitely a combination of the diet and then adding activity and I think the key part is the accountability,” said Roberts.

Her accountability she gives to her trainer who has helped her through the years.

“Chris has done a lot of things right, she has embraced really anything that I’ve asked her to do, anything that went along with our program whether it was our weight loss program or something that I asked her to do in the gym,” said McDonald.

McDonald says the hardest part is taking the first step but once you do, the marathon begins.

“I had increased energy, and I became more active because I had increased energy, and I started participating in tennis and exercise classes, things that I haven’t done since I was in high school because I just couldn’t move that freely,” said Roberts.

While Roberts has lost over 100 pounds and is able to spend more time with her family, she still has big plans for 2020.

“My goal for 2020 is to maintain a really active lifestyle and to be contagious with it and help other people feel as good as I feel,” said Roberts.

Her only regret…

“I wish I had done it sooner, I was so unhealthy for so long,” said Roberts.

2019 may be over for her, but her future is bright as she continues to inspire many others toward a healthier lifestyle.

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