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East Texas animal shelters are full

TYLER, Tx (KETK) - Overcrowding at animal shelters is a major problem in East Texas. Nicholas Pet Haven is one of only a few no-kill rescue operations in the area. And right now, they can't take in anymore animals. 

"It breaks our heart to have to tell them...I'm sorry we're full, we don't have room," said Daphne Smith, a volunteer at Nicholas Pet Haven.

And that's what one Michigan woman heard earlier today from several local shelters.

She is visiting family in Tyler and found a dog, hungry and alone.

"We fed him and started looking to see if we could find his owners," said Linda Larsen, the woman who found the dog. "Everybody said that section of the road over there is a drop off point for animals that are not wanted."

It's a trend that breaks her heart.

"I don't think anything should be turned away, I think everything needs to be loved," said Larsen.

She's holding onto the dog in hopes of finding him a home in the next few days.

Another factor working against shelters across the area is Independence Day fireworks. The flashing lights and loud noises are notorious for terrifying dogs. Many try to escape by running away and end up in local shelters.

"Please don't leave your dogs outside at night while the fireworks are going on because the dogs climb the fence, they crawl under, they're scared to death," said Smith. "It sounds like gunshots going off."

And if you're looking for a new pet...Consider adopting locally.

Visit Nicholas Pet Haven for more information on how to adopt any of their dogs or for more information on the dog Larsen is trying to find a home for.

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