E. Texas leaders, students holding pro-life conference

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East Texas college students who strongly support the right to life movement are joining with local pastors and speakers to spread their message. They are holding the conference “Unborn Truth” this Friday and Saturday.

“Someone needs to raise their voice,” Right to Life East Texas Director Mark Dickson said. “Someone needs to say that this has got to stop.”

Dickson and student leaders from Letourneau University, Kilgore College and UT Tyler are teaming up to spread the message of the pro-life movement.

“I think it’s a really important issue for everyone, obviously, it’s an issue of life and death, but college students definitely seem to be on the front lines of this,” Bridey Davis, Pro Life LetourneauPresident, said. “We definitely are the people who may be the most exposed to this issue.”

Together they’re holding a conference composed of east texas pastors, authors and leaders of the movement. It will also include speeches from people personally affected by abortion.

“I hope that it impacts people,” Rachel Sikes, Kilgore College Young Republicans President, said. “I hope that it brings to light some things that people didn’t know before about abortion and how it affects the women physically, and how it really is not an issue of women’s rights but it’s really an issue of murder.”

They say the doors are open to people who share their beliefs… and those in opposition of the movement.

“So many times hatred and misunderstanding happens just through misunderstanding, so just having that communication is super important,” Ian Thompson, Pro Life Letourneau member, said.

They hope to see abortion abolished in the state of Texas. But they also recognize ending the practice of abortion will be a long process.

“It will still happen, something like that can’t be stopped in a day,” Thompson said. “It needs to have an entire culture change, but for that culture to change, it has to start somewhere and legislation is a good place to start.”

The conference is Friday 5 pm to 9:15 pm and Saturday 8 am to 5:15 pm at the White Oak High School cafeteria. It is free and open to the public.

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