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Criminals go to great lengths in their attempts to avoid being caught but few succeed.  The criminals in this week’s Crime of the Week seem to believe that operating in Houston would put them out of reach of East Texas law enforcement.  They were wrong.
When several East Texas victims reported fraudulent charges to their debit cards, cards that were still in the victims’ possession, Texas Department of Public Safety investigators took up the case.  How the card data was obtained is being investigated but all of the fraudulent use occurred in the Houston area.  You can help by identifying one of the suspects.
The investigators obtained videos from the Houston area stores visited by the criminals.  Each of the videos, portions of which are available at, show the same black female using the victims’ stolen debit card information to make purchases.  At each store, the female suspect was dropped off by a black, four-door car. 
The image included here is one frame of the video.  Watch the entire thing and, if you know her, you will be able to identify her and possibly help identify the other criminal, or criminals, in the car.
If you can solve this case, call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip at  Calls and tips directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and the first, most accurate tip that leads to an arrest might be eligible for a reward.  You have to be quick to be the first to submit a case-solving tip.
If you discover fraudulent charges to your credit or debit card, immediately report the activity to your financial institution and your local law enforcement agency.

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