Controversy surrounds Nacogdoches water testing

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The state recently tested water from the City of Nacogdoches, and it was found to be unsafe.
But other tests says the opposite. 
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) does quarterly tests of lake and well water to determine if levels of trihalomethane (THM) is at a safe level.
THM’s are the byproducts of disinfections from chlorine. THM’s are always present but in small amounts. In large amounts, however, THC’s may be the cause of numerous health problems particularly pregnant women and infants.
“In September we had two locations that were shown to be very very high that exceeded the limit,” said Steve Bartlett, Nacogdoches City Engineer.
The samples were taken from two sites one from Westward Drive and the other on Woden Road. Results from each of the test sites were almost identical which according to a press release is “an extremely unlikely coincidence”. So the city decided to have someone else perform the same test.
“The city immediately hired a laboratory to go sample and re-test, we didn’t even take the samples ourselves, and test it at these two locations that were shown to be very high. Those location tests came back very very low like a fifth or a sixth of what TCEQ’s tests did, so we feel TCEQ’s tests are inaccurate,” said Bartlett.
Although it appears the TCEQ’s tests were inaccurate the City of Nacogdoches wishes to remain transparent on this issue and will continue testing to ensure all drinking water is safe.
“We don’t have any evidence that there’s an issue, but we feel like this is a good proactive approach,” said Bartlett.
The City of Nacogdoches would like to emphasize the water is still safe and there is currently no need to boil or filter.

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