Construction prices on the rise since COVID-19 pandemic started

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Since the dawn of the pandemic, construction prices have been on the rise given the shortage of materials.

Moving into the COVID-19 environment, overall conventional wisdom throughout the industry was that people weren’t going to be buying materials or building supplies as a whole, catching those in the construction business off-guard.

Flash forward to today, lumber prices and materials have skyrocketed. For Stonewater Roofing in Tyler, CEO Roland Browne said their business continues to ratchet up, something he said they didn’t expect.

Their main manufacturer, GAF, one of the largest roofing manufacturers in the world, did scale back production on designer and specialty shingles, but not the base model shingle. Shingles are roof coverings that overlap. GAF offered a quote regarding how their company has dealt with business amid the pandemic.

“GAF continues to manufacture and distribute roofing materials across the country under robust health and safety protocols, and we’re confident in our ability to keep serving East Texas.”

Clayton McGratty, GAF, VP External Communications

Given the high demand for designer projects done by Stonewater Roofing, their company did experience some lag in regard to installation times for many of their customers.

However, according to Marketing Director Trent Spradlin, “…the bulk of our residential and commercial customers are receiving quick turnaround on projects as usual.” Browne said one of the main causes of the high demand for supplies is a shortage of labor across the industry.

It also had to do with suppliers’ preconceived notion that given the pandemic, the industry would see a lack in demand. Despite the short slump once COVID-19 hit, immediately after revenue and sales began to rise, said Browne.

“Your home is your number 1 investment, in most cases. So people are going to take care of that asset and we’re seeing that.”

Roland Browne. CEO, Stonewater Roofing

While other markets may be experiencing slight issues with manufacturers and suppliers, Stonewater roofing said business is booming.

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