Clouded leopards arrive at Ellen Trout Zoo

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The Ellen Trout Zoo now has a pair of endangered clouded leopards.
Clouded leopards are a medium sized cat and are native to Southeast Asia.
The two are about five months old and they are part of the species survival plan.
When the zoo put the two cubs together, the outcome was fantastic
“They’re really fun actually, they’ve got tons of energy,” said Melanie Stephens, Zookeeper. “We put them together for the first time last week and they just had a great time playing together. They love climbing, they love jumping, they love wrestling, they have a great time.”
In 2008 the species was placed on the endangered species list, there are said to be fewer than 10,000 mature clouded leopards in the world.
These two leopards are part of what is called the species survival plan. The Ellen Trout Zoo hopes after they settle in and grow some, they will be producing cubs and help remove their species from endangered species list.
“They’re going to be part of a species survival plan and we’re hoping that some day when they’re old enough they’ll have a cub, said Stephens.”
The pair have a large exhibit to with room to climb, sunbathe and play but they tend to stay out of sight as they are still getting used to the sights and sounds of the zoo.
Their exhibit will be open to the public on October 1st.

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