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CERTIFIED: East Texas high school students prepare for careers in welding

LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) - The sparks are flying at Spring Hill High School as a group of students have prepared for the future by becoming certified welders. 

"We've built trailers," says senior, Colton Herndon. "We've done many signs and all sorts of stuff, hay bale rings all the time, and I do a lot of plasma work, as well."

Students practice throughout the year in shop class to earn their American Welding Society D1.1 certification.

"Our world is not flat," says metal shop instructor, Guy Fuller. "We have to be able to weld in the flat position, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions."

With the oil industry on the rise, this certification allows them to get a job right out of high school.

"I have former students who are making six-figures," says Mr. Fuller. "If you are not afraid to move around and try new things, the sky is the limit."

Not only do these students learn how to weld, they also learn how to use machines that make parts for airplanes and cars, which they say makes them feel confident.

"I couldn't overhead weld to save my life," says junior, Anthony Harmon. "Now, I am certified and can do all the welds."

Fourteen Spring Hill students earned their certification this school year with four of those being graduating seniors. 

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