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Cavanaugh's Jewelers closing after nearly 70 years

Lufkin, Texas (KETK) - Sad news in Lufkin.

Cavanaugh's Jewelry is shutting down after nearly 70 years.
A combination of the owner's health, and the current location on the south loop not getting the desired traffic has lead to this decision.

"They have all left the area except for us," said Duncan Cavanaugh, Owner of Cavanaugh's Jewelry. "Of course everybody's health does hurt them over the years and I think I've kind of gotten to that point."

Mr. Cavanaugh first got into retail when he was only 10, working in his dad's drug store.

He worked the jewelery store for 51 of the 67 years it has been open.

Mr. Cavanaugh says everyone has a time to retire, and though he'll miss the business, it is his time to call it quits.

"Life's not going to be here with us forever so we're going to close the doors and the wife and I are going to enjoy what time we have left with kids and family and go from there," Cavanaugh said.

In his retirement journey mister cavanaugh says, he wants to learn to be a "first class clock repair man".

But in that time, he says, he will miss the customers dearly.

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