Butterball Talk-Line expert shares craziest questions

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If you find yourself in a bind while preparing the Thanksgiving meal, you can always rely on the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line to help you out.

Turkey experts will talk you through any problem you’re facing. The day before Thanksgiving is when they’re the busiest.

“This is like crunch time, we’re very serious,” expert Marti Vanness said. “There’s nothing funny about it. We’re saving turkeys, saving lives.”

But even the expert herself, who has been working for the talk-line since 1984, has to admit they do get asked some funny questions.

“There’s some very unusual questions we get asked but it’s because our callers are so smart, they thought of maybe another way to do something like thawing a turkey,” she said.

One person tried to thaw it with an electric blanket.

“One person wanted to know what to set the dial to thaw his turkey and i said the dial on the left, I thought maybe he was going to put it in the oven and start cooking it and thawing it at the same time,” Vanness said. “He said no, the dial on the electric blanket, I didn’t know if i could maybe speed up the thawing that way.”

Another person tried to thaw his turkey on-the-go.

“He had to get his turkey starting to thaw, so he put a seatbelt on it in the passengers seat in the front and turned on the seat warmer and I guess started to thaw it that way,” she said.

She said you can follow tutorials online on how to thaw it just right.

“You don’t want to thaw a turkey in a warm way!” she said. “I thought that was clever, he was thinking he was trying to do his best!”

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