BUSH 43: Former President visits Longview to speak about presidency and life afterward

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LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Former President George W. Bush visited East Texas on Tuesday to speak at LeTourneau University.

The event was held to inspire the community by hearing from someone who not only lives in Texas but has made an impactful difference in our country.

“A lot of it was just basically learning about the presidency, and what goes on day to day and afterwards,” said Stephen Foster, attendee. “It was really enjoyable for me because it was the first president I actually remember, I was four when the second election came around so it was delightful to reminisce on that time of my life.”

Nearly 2,000 showed up to listen to Bush speak about his presidency, especially the difficult years following 9/11.

“To hear his insight into for instance his day to day activity in the White House, what he did every day, the fact that he prayed religiously, every morning, read the bible, he worked out every day, just things you don’t think about as the president,” said Debora Mammarelli, attendee.

The event featured a question and answer segment where he was asked what the biggest difference between politics now and from when he was in office.

He expressed that people were angrier and relied on the internet a lot more.

When asked if he misses being President, he said, “I don’t miss the fame, eight years was enough, I have no desire to argue, debate, or tweet.”

Other than his life as President, Bush also shared personal stories paying special attention to his father George H.W. Bush who passed away in 2018.

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