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Burglars steal dozens of guns from Kilgore gun shop

KILGORE, Tx (KETK) - The owner of Smitty's Firearms tells us he was alerted just after four AM on Wednesday that his store had been broken into.

Police showed up just minutes after the alarm company called them.

The thieves were gone, stealing more than $20,000 worth of guns.

"They got about 25 modern sporting rifles, which are AR's and AK's, and four hand guns that we've been able to determine right now," said Marion Smith, Smitty's Firearms owner.

The offenders pulled the door off the shop to get inside.

"This is common, it's kind of like a smash and grab," said Roman Roberson, with Kilgore Police Department. "They actually used a stolen vehicle to pull the door off, you know, the run in there, gather up the firearms, get into the vehicle, take off, I mean you're talking about seconds."

And although they made off with a lot of guns, they left behind fingerprints. Giving Smith hope that they will be caught.

While robbing a store can carry some pretty hefty charges, Smith tells us stealing guns carries a lot more weight.

"The people that did this crime committed a federal crime," said Smith. "Those federal boys don't play with criminals. So, they are facing some serious consequences."

Despite this major loss, Smith loves that his store is in this community.

"We've never had any problems, everything has been wonderful," said Smith. "This is just one of those blips that you can't predict."

Smith and police now hoping the stolen guns don't end up in the hands of violent criminals.

If you have any information on this crime, call Kilgore Police or the Rusk County Crime Stoppers.

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