Body cam, details released in fatal Gladewater officer-involved shooting

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Editor’s Note: The body cam will be added shortly but must be edited for vulgar language.

Gladewater Police released body cam footage and the names of the officer and victim involved in a fatal officer-involved shooting from over the weekend.

Police Chief Robert Vine said Patrick Michael Wise, 34, was shot by Officer Robert Carlsen early Saturday morning, after the suspect ran from the officer and the two had a struggle, leading to the fatal incident.

At one point, Wise can be heard saying “I’ve got your gun [expletive], what now?”

At the beginning of the press conference, Chief Vine said he had reached out to the family on multiple occasions and invited them to review the facts of the case. A representative of the family watched the video and listened to audio from the body camera prior to it being made public.

In the video, Wise speeds away from a traffic stop before abandoning his vehicle. Carlsen is able to catch up to him and orders the suspect to “freeze.” The officer then is heard yelling “taser, taser,” but the taser fails to work on the man.

A fight ensues and the officer can be heard on audio saying “he’s fighting me.” This is when you can also hear Wise taunting the officer that he has his gun.

Officer Carlsen tells the man he was just trying to do a traffic stop, and the man can be heard stating, “Well, you [expletive] up.”

Toward the end of the struggle, the officer asks Wise if he wants to walk away and leave the scene. The suspect responds he has “a ‘strap’ in his pocket and I’ll [expletive] kill you.”

Chief Vine spoke about the tense moments leading up to Wise’s death.

Moments before the officer’s weapon is discharged, Wise can be heard telling Officer Carlsen to “stay down” multiple times and states, “get on the ground now or I’m going to shoot you.” Officer Carlsen is then heard saying, “Alright I’m down.” 

Wise then states, “If you shoot me with that taser, you’re dead.” Wise tells the officer to put the taser down and Officer Carlsen says, “I don’t have it bro see?” Officer Carlsen then says, “It’s not on.” Officer Carlsen can then be heard saying the word, “please.”

Wise is heard saying “Get away from me now” right before the officer discharges his weapon.

At least 10 shots can be heard on the audio, along with a voice yelling out in pain. EMS was called to the scene, but the suspect was dead upon their arrival. 

Wise had two outstanding warrants, including a probation violation for a drug charge.

The camera footage and witnesses statements have been turned over to the Texas Rangers.

Officer Carlsen is currently on paid leave and will undergo a psychological evaluation before he can return to duty.

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