Because You Matter: Bullard toddler experiences medical miracle

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A Bullard family is getting accustomed to a new normal with their 2-year-old daughter who suffered from central and obstructive apnea, causing her to stop breathing in the night.

The Nipps family had been through almost two years of their toddler Jordyn relying on a trach tube and ventilator to breathe. Doctors told them she would always need them.

“We went through an accepting stage and decided we’re gonna keep living and let her have the happiest life that she can and she did, but then it got better!” Jordyn’s mother Holly Nipps said.

Holly and Jordyn traveled to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota seeking answers. Countless sleep studies later they learned she outgrew her apneas.

“She started breathing through her mouth and nose so much the ventilator said hey she’s not getting anything from me, she’s having an apnea, give her a breath, and so it was false apneas,” Nipps said.

Holly never could have prepared for the moment doctors told her jordyn in fact could breathe on her own.

“I started crying and it hit me and the doctor said ‘are these tears of joy?’ and I said very much so!” Nipps said. “It was pretty surreal.”

They left Mayo without all the equipment and with a new normal.

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“It is weird!” Nipps said. “It’s great weird.”

She went from being a girl who underwent 14 breathing treatments and three medications two to four times a day, to being just another little girl playing at the park.

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