BATTLE OF THE BADGES: Henderson FD won against PD for most blood donations

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HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – In the Henderson Lowe’s parking lot, the Carter Blood Care trucks pulled up hoping to get enough donations to fill their supply.

In hopes of drawing in a bigger crowd, they decided to play the old police vs. fire rivalry.

“We’re actually having what they call battle of the badges,” said Captain Sonny Ybarra, Henderson Fire Department. “It’s us against PD when you come and donate you tell them you’re voting fire or you’re voting PD.

In the end, the winner gets a trophy and bragging rights, but it’s friendly rivalries and competition for a great cause.

Over the past few weeks, both sides campaigned for votes.

“Because we’re better,” said Lt. Brian Bathke, Henderson PD. “We work a little harder, usually a little longer, we don’t quite have the nap time at night that they get.”

“Yeah there’s always smack talk going on but not only do we take care of PD but we also take care of the community, so we’re used to carrying the weights,” said Captain Ybarra.

The goal for the day was 50 units, which could easily save up to 100 lives.

“I’m really involved with both the departments and stuff, my family is, and I just love doing this kind of stuff,” said Caleb Horne, who donated blood. “It’s a way to kind of reach out to your community and just to serve “

In addition to the rivalry, there was a second motivation behind donating.

“Honestly I saw the t-shirt and I was like that’s a cool looking t-shirt,” said Horne.

The two departments enjoy the rivalry, but it’s all just for fun.

“With our PD we have a great relationship with them,” said Captain Ybarra. “We worth with them pretty close so to actually have this competition with them is great.”

At the end of the day, Henderson Fire Department won the battle. Over 80 donations were taken, and the final number will be released Wednesday morning by The City of Henderson.


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