“Ashur” the lion cub makes his public debut

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In July, the Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin was proud to announce they had a new baby lion with white fur and ever since then, people have been eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the cub.
Recently Ashur the baby lion made his public debut and the turnout was huge!
On July 16th the Ellen Trout Zoo’s lioness Adia gave birth to cub who would later be named Ashur.    
Ashur’s rare white fur caused quite the commotion, in a good way but his fur eventually became darker like most lion cubs.
Saturday, September 3rd was his public debut and the zoo had quite the turn out.
The zoo saw Ashur’s good health and thought Labor Day weekend would be a great time for his big debut.
“He’s grown big and strong, he’s 6.2 Kilograms (10.7 Lbs) right now,” said Alyssa Maltman, Ellen Trout Zoo Cat Keeper. “We decided to put him on exhibit for labor day weekend and we knew a lot of people would come out.”
And the zoo was right, the turnout was massive.
“Saturday we had 1,500 people come out and as of yesterday we had 1,100 people and we’re hoping to break 1,000 today and I’m pretty sure we’re going to do it,” Said Bret Barnes, Ellen Trout Zoo Admissions Cashier.
The zoo believed Ashur was healthy all set for the plethora of onlookers that would soon be there, but being a local celebrity proved to be a little tiresome for little Ashur.
“Today he’s having a little trouble,” said Maltman. “He is probably exhausted from yesterday it’s a lot more space for him his little baby legs can’t handle that much. Hopefully he goes out in the exhibit so everyone can see him.”
The Ellen Trout Zoo will continue to show Ashur to the public as long he is healthy and he is still waiting to see his fans.

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