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The scenery along Utah state route 39 has always been stunning but in recent years. Manmade murals have become part of the landscape along the road.

Art is subjective and not everyone likes everything, but here in Huntsville, there hasn’t been a single complaint. Jake Songer, the artist, said “the owner of the barn came to me and he said I’ve already got this design, an artist by the name of Michael onion had done the design. He said she doesn’t want to be up on the scaffold, or be on the lift to apply the paint but I want an artist to do it, so would you consider being the one.”

Soon, bigger opportunities followed for artist, Songer, who usually paints on a much smaller scale.

Songer said “There was another barn owner down the road that was looking for somebody to do a design on their barn.” It’s one of the first things people see when coming into the town of Huntsville, so it had to send a message.

Songer said “On this one I was using paint rollers and paint brushes.” An American flag, on barn wood appearing to wave in the wind has it’s challenges. “I’d paint a little bit and then I’d find myself running several hundred yards back or going back up on the road.” Part of getting the look just right adding an extra, almost invisible more color to the red white and blue.

The patriotic piece led to another just across the road.

The viewing distance is several thousand yards, so we really needed something big. What really makes the murals special is not his artistic abilities but rather their owners intentions. Because they had the vision, and they’re patriotic and wanted to give people a sense of place. Huntsville doesn’t have a huge population, the area has an unusually high number of veterans, so this area has always been extremely patriotic, Songer said. 

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