Angelina County unveils new voting machines

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Angelina County has done away with their old voting machines in exchange for newer, smaller and better ones.

The hope is election day can be a bit smoother and easier for their voters.

Inside the Angelina County courthouse annex there is a sign that reads “every vote matters”

The elections administrator tells KETK News not only do the votes matter but so do the voters, so they wanted the voters to have better voting machines.

“We try to listen to our voters and the public and what they really did want and so I think we hit the mark on it,” said Connie Brown, Angelina County Elections Administrator. “I think we provided what they were asking for.”

The previous system was completely digital, no paper whatsoever.

But, some advocates and people who live in Angelina County wanted some form of paper trail.

The new system will have an activation card they take to the machine.

“The voter will walk over to the express vote, it’ll mark their activation card,” said Brown. “Then when they get that back it turns into a ballot because it has all the races on it. They can view it, look at it and then step over to the DS-200, which as the tabulator, and cast their vote.”

Doors were opened to the public for a mock election with fictitious candidates, such as “Carrie Okie”, “Collin Sick” and “Miles Prower” to test the new machines.

“It was always a question whether or not their vote got counted and this way they’re actually going to take that piece of paper over to the counting machine,” said Thelma Sherman, Angelina County resident.

In November the machines will see their first use for constitutional amendment election, then in next year’s primaries hopefully they will shine.

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