ALL UNDER ONE ROOF: East Texas church members and community raise $20,000 for roof repairs

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OVERTON, Texas (KETK) – For many in East Texas, the church can be a second home, and when your house needs repairs, everyone lends a hand.

Inside the Rocky Mount Baptist Church in Overton, you will find welcoming faces and an open seat. With only a handful of members, every Sunday morning is special for those who attend.

“Most people get the indication that church has to be one hundred to two hundred people, but most, in reality, they are less than 50 people,” said Pastor John Voss, over the Rocky Mount Baptist Church.

While not packed, the church is full of people who care. After the Sunday service, many of the members stayed to plan an upcoming Thanksgiving meal.

“This is home for me,” said Harvey Knighton. “This is the only church I’ve ever been in.”

According to a long-time member, the church was originally built as a single-room school and then converted to a church when the school was moved. Since then, the church’s doors have stayed open despite the hardships they have faced.

One of those hardships being a new roof that needed replacing.

“It had three layers of shingles on it, so you can’t add any more weight to it,” explained Knighton. “If you had an ice storm, snow, it would probably collapse on you.”

If you believe in the power of prayer, you can probably guess what happened next.

From zero to over 20,000 dollars and with a little faith, the church was able to raise enough money for the roof repairs.

“Every Sunday, just every month, it seemed like it was going up and growing month after month,” described Pastor Voss.

Tracking the church’s progress, many of the donations came from members of the community. Most of whom do not attend Rocky Mount Baptist.

“I had a friend ask me, ‘How’s the roof coming?’ and I said ‘I’m not preaching with an umbrella yet, so that’s good ya know,'” laughed Pastor Voss.

Under one roof, no matter the number of people who stay, Rocky Mount continues to pray together and be thankful.

“It’s a landmark in the community, so keep the doors open,” said Knighton.

After the roof repair and community support, Rocky Mount Baptist seems to have a stable place to stay for years to come.

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