A SECOND CHANCE: Wounded dog left for dead gets new life from good samaritan

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ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – For Lucky, the four-year-old beagle mix, walking these days is a miracle after what he’s been through.

On July 1 he was found on the side of the road, presumed dead. That’s when a driver, Terri Griffin decided to stop.

Terry Griffin was familiar with the dog she would later call “Lucky”. The dog has been seen wandering around the area for quite some time so she assumed he belonged to someone nearby.

“He was right in front of my neighbor’s house and I thought maybe he was there dog so I turned around to go knock on their door and break the news to them,” said Griffin. “He was dead, they told me ‘that’s not our dog and he’s been laying out there all morning since he got hit at about 7:00 this morning, he’s being laying out there all morning.'”

Not wanting to leave the animal in front of her neighbor’s house, Griffin was going to call someone to pick him up until something caught her eye.

“I looked over at him and I saw his ear twitch,” said Griffin. “Oh my God! He’s alive! He was laying still but he was breathing very heavily and there was a little bit of blood coming out of his mouth like he bit his tongue.”

The wounded dog was rushed to the West Loop Animal Clinic in Lufkin.

He was non-responsive but the staff was willing to do whatever was necessary to save his life.

“He was fighting for his life and he was actually wanting to keep going,” said Yesi Martinez, West Loop Animal Clinic office manager.

They worked with the struggling dog every day hoping he would continue to fight but it seemed hopeless, Lucky couldn’t get up.

But the staff never quit.

“We were hand-feeding him syringe feeding him water until one day we came in and saw a huge difference in him lifting his head on his own and that was very rewarding,” said Martinez.

All the while Griffin was calling or visiting the clinic every day to check on the dog.

After a long recover, he went back home with Griffin who was all set to get him back on his feet.

“He had started raising up on his front legs and trying to scoot around,” said Griffin.

After a while Lucky didn’t seem to be progressing until Griffin had an idea to take him swimming and that’s when the magic happened.

“I went and bought a little doggie life vest and put that on him and started putting him in the water,” Griffin said. “The first time I put him in the water he started paddling with all legs and that was the first time we had seen all his legs move, it was awesome.”

Lucky didn’t just get home-therapy.

Dr. Emily Todd-Parker from the Southern Haven Vet Clinic in Lufkin offered to help Lucky.

“She said she would like the opportunity to do some acupuncture and laser therapy on him,” Griffin said. “So we started going to here, pro bono.”

“I think that Lucky’s story wouldn’t have bee accomplished without the help of Dr. Emily Todd (Parker),” said Martinez.

Lucky was moving all four legs for the first time, soon after they had a walking pup, and now he spends his morning playing with his “brother”.

“Doing regular dog stuff,” said Griffin. “Running around the pasture with Atticus.”

The same dog hit by a car and left for dead for hours on the side of a highway now has a new life and can feel at ease knowing he is in good hands.

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