LIST: East Texas roads closed, flooded due to severe weather

East Texas law enforcement is releasing lists of roads to avoid that have been impacted by flooding and/or debris.

FM 315 north of FM 837 between FM 837 and US 175 (closed)
FM 321 closed at Catfish Creek just west of Tennessee Colony (closed)

FM 58 at FM 1818 (flooding)

FM 844: Minor flooding

FM 2497 (flooding)


County Road 3810
County Road 2707
County Road 3701
County Road 3709
County Road 4905
County Road 3809
County Road 4905
County Road 4807
County Road 4614
County Road 3707
County Road 3605
County Road 3414
FM 3052
FM 855, 2 miles from 175
FM 13 at the Rusk County line
FM 2064 at Mudd Creek off 135

Brent Road and Hawkins Creek Tributary (closed)
Snoddy Road between Tenneryville Road and Brent Road (closed)
FM 95: Water over roadway.

FM 343: Water over roadway.

RUSK COUNTY – The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office is asking all drivers to stay home. A majority of roads have been shut down in the county.
County Road 1111 in Rusk County (closed)
County Road 102 in Rusk County (closed)
County Road 481 in Rusk County (closed)
County Road 171/179D in Rusk County (closed)

County Road 281/284 in Rusk County (closed)

County Road 366 in Rusk County (closed)

Stone Road in Kilgore (flooded)

Woodlawn Street in Kilgore (flooded)

Highway 135 in Kilgore (flooded)-

Houston Street in Kilgore (flooded)

Broadway Boulevard in Kilgore (flooded)

Leach Street in Kilgore (flooded)

Baughman Road in Kilgore (flooded)

Fritz Swanson Road in Kilgore (flooded)

Longview Street in Kilgore (flooded)

FM 3053 at Overton between FM 850 and FM 1693 (closed)
SH 146: Tree across roadway.

FM 352: Flooded roadway at Fox Creek and McManus Creek.

FM 1276: Water over the road.

FM 943: Flooded roadway at Big Sandy, Hickman and Long Tom creeks and trees across the roadway.

FM 942: Flooded roadway.

FM 350 South: Flooded roadway.

FM 1988: Water over the roadway at Tempe Creek.


SH 87: Roadway is closed and impassable.

FM 1: Flooded roadway.

FM 2971: Flooded roadway.

FM 3315: Roadway flooded.

FM 944: Water across the roadway.


FM 353: Closed indefinitely after flooding caused a sinkhole and pavement separation.

FM 1277: Flooded roadway at Speer Creek.

FM 3230: Flooded with culvert damage.

FM 711: Water across the roadway.

FM 1279: Flooded roadway at Sandy Creek

FM 314 out of Brownsboro toward Edom (closed)

Martin Luther King @ East Gentry (also known as Highway 271) in Tyler (closed)
Loop 323 at Texas College Road in Tyler (closed)

FM 2868 (closed for several days)
FM 724 west of SH 64 (closed)
FM 2710 west of FM 14 (closed)

Highway 69 north of Loop 323 at Black Fork Creek

Highway 64 at 279 and 413 (closed)

County Road 3104
CR 165 between CR 166 & FM 2493

CR 132 between CR 135 & CR 1230

CR 233 between CR 234 & FM 850

CR 247 between CR 246 & CR 223

CR 448 between CR 446 & FM 1805

CR 434 between CR 436 & CR 4184

CR 499 between CR 4102 & CR 498
The following roads have high water and are not recommended for driving:
CR 455

CR 420

CR 421

CR 113

CR 129

CR 2106

CR 354
CR 3104
CR 3111

CR 356

CR 2138

CR 2180

CR 484
FM 2262: Flooded roadway in the Trevat community.

FM 1280: Water over roadway.

FM 357: Flooded roadway near the Trinity/Polk County line.

FM 2501: Flooded roadway near the end of the pavement.

FM 3154: Water over the road at Antioch Road.

FM 230: Flooded roadway near Lovelady.

East Lake to Silk Tree road- (closed)
Snapdragon to Ore City- (closed)
Evergreen Road off Highway 271
FM 593 at 993- (closed)
Fm 555 near FM 1649- (closed)
Hwy 154 east east of FM 726 (flooded)
FM 852 at Cypress Bridge-(closed)
Aspen at Elderberry -(closed)
FM 1795 approximately 1/2 mile off FM 1002 in Big Sandy (flooding)
FM 852 and Jaguar Road in Gilmer (flooding)
FM 852 and Giraffe Road in Gilmer (flooding)
Mockingbird between FM 1650 and Martin Rd (closed)
Bob White between FM 726 and Goose Rd. (closed)
Green hills at FM 3358 (closed)
Old White Oak Road (closed)
Bobolink at Gumcreek (closed)
Locust at Pine Creek (closed)
FM 556 at Cypress Creek (closed)
Horse Road (washed out)
Silver Spruce (closed)
Silktree Road (closed)
Kelsey Creek Road (closed)
FM 1002- North of Kataba (closed)
FM 2685 and Pear Road (closed)
HWY 271 and Midway truck stop- one lane closed
Mustang around Sorrel (closed)
726 N at Bluebell (closed)
773 Holly Road (closed)
Bobwhite at 726 (closed)
Scrub Pine(closed)
Martin Lane-South end (closed)
Highway 110 south of FM 1255 in Grand Saline (one lane closed)
FM 16 north of I-20 as well as north of US 64 (closed)

FM 857 near the Smith County line (closed)

FM 1256 east of FM 316 (closed)

Woodsprings and CR 472 to I20 (closed)

CR 434 (closed)

CR 419 (closed)

CR 452 (closed)

CR 484 (closed)

Highway 154 at Little Sandy Creek between FM 14 and FM 312 (closed)
Highway 80 at the Mineola Country Club (closed)
FM 49 from FM 312 to FM 2869 (closed)
FM 69 from SH 37 to FM 515 (closed)
FM 312 from FM 49 to SH 154 (closed)
FM 2869 from FM 49 to FM 14 (closed)

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