LeTourneau women’s flight team back home in East Texas


Last week the LeTourneau women were competing in a rather different race.

The women’s flight team took to the skies in a race from Tennessee to Canada, but now they are finally back home.

“We completed the race, it was about 1,900 miles of racing, but then we just finished flying back 12 hours from Canada between yesterday and today,” said Laura Laster, LETU Director of Flight Operations.

The race had competitors aged 19 to 90 from all over the country, all racing from airport to airport until they reached their final destination.

“It was a lot of fun. We had some challenging weather conditions, some challenging decisions, but overall I think we made the best decision with what we had and came out with a score that we are proud of,” said Erica Swenson, LETU Pilot.

The Yellow Jackets finished 20th out of 43.

“And we also won a leg prize, we won fourth-fastest on the second leg of the race,” said Laster. “So we got a little medallion thing and a 20 dollar bill.”

After it’s all said and done, they’re just happy to finally be back home.

“It feels great to be back in Longview, it feels great to be back on the ground in East Texas,” said Laster.

They also got to bring home some souvieners from Canada.

“Oh, I think I have everything maple they make, probably not because it’s Canada, but lots of maple things,” said Swenson. “I have maple dip, maple pancake mix, maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream soda, I think we just cleaned out the little sugar shack we went to.”

They shared it with their flight crew who made everything possible and who made “Nelly” fly better than her competitors.

“This is ‘Nelly Niner.’ We love Nelly and I need to thank Nelly with a big kiss, good job Nelly,” said Laster.

Now the two will go back to teaching and getting ready for next year’s race.

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