LASTING LOVE: Tyler couple celebrates 70 years of marriage


A Tyler family is thanking their lucky stars to be spending thanksgiving together another year, after their parents recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

C.E. And Naomi Wisener were married in 1949. She was 15 at the time, he was 19.

“Something like, til death do us part,” said C.E.

“I don’t know that that’s even in the wedding vows anymore, it’s not used like it used to be, but we never thought when we got married that we wouldn’t stay together,” said Naomi.

The Wisener’s have led a life full of love, loss, and joy.

“They’ve stood behind one another, beside each other, they’ve never walked in front of the other, they’ve supported one another and had so much love that it’s just such a blessing to be apart of that,” said Michelle Robinson, their daughter.

She says she is blessed to be a part of a legacy, 70 years, four kids, 10 grandchildren, and 18 great-grandchildren. And part of a real life comedy show, one where C.E., better known as pap, is the star.

“That’s Wisener also, since I’m tied to her,” C.E. joked.

“I picked her up one night at a place out of town and then carried her home and that’s where it started,” laughed C.E.

“We’ve had all them years together, and 4 or 5 of them was pretty good years, C.E. said with a smile. “Of course, I say that jokingly, but we’ve had a good life, we really have.”

Unfortunately, tragedy doesn’t discriminate, even when it comes to the best life.

“When we lost our son, because you don’t ever think of burying your children, they’re to bury you, but that was the hardest we’ve gone through,” said Naomi.

Laying Pete to rest 14 years ago left the Wisener’s feeling broken, but even more grateful for the life they had been given.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, yes, but you probably have too,” said C.E.

“We put God first and we rely on him, we get through all of it,” said Naomi.

They say they feel blessed to have so much life to remember and it’s all because two people fell in love on New Years Eve 1948.

“She’s my wife, she’s my lover, she’s my friend and has been all these years,” said C.E.

“He cuts up a lot and a lot of foolishness, but he’s kind and just loved him and that’s it,” said Naomi.

While the laughter will never stop in the Wisener clan…

“I asked them one time if they ever thought about divorce and mother said no, murder, but not divorce,” said Susie McCreary, daughter.

“Because of that til death do us part thing,” joked Jonna Robison, their other daughter.

Neither will the pride Mr. And Mrs. Wisener feel when they look at what they have created over the past 70 years.

“I did something, step back when you get through with it, you step back and say I did that, that’s a pretty good feeling,” said C.E.

A pretty good feeling, a pretty good life, and a very impressive legacy.

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