Kilgore College’s new program helps students graduate faster


Kilgore College is unveiling a new program this school year called ‘Focus to Finish,’ meant to condense class time for busy students.

Starting Monday, Aug. 26, courses will be offered as eight-week blocks, instead of the traditional 16.

This year, students will take two shorter class terms at the same time, with the option to take up to four classes (a total of 12 semester credit hours) in one semester.

Students say it will help them concentrate on two classes at a time, instead of four, allowing them to dive deeper into the subject.

“It’ll give us more time to actually participate in the classes and focus better,” said Rachel Galvan, a Kilgore College student.

The new system also frees up those busy with activities outside of school like work, families and sports, to be able to spend more time doing those.

“It’s great for students who are working. It’s great for students who may have children, it’s really for any students, even for students who are straight out of high school,” said Chris Craddock, Kilgore College head of media relations.

By allowing students to still take part in other activities, Craddock says it will help them to avoid burnout, stay in school and focus.

The last main advantage is that students will graduate with their degree in half the time they would in a traditional program.

“You can just get through it fast, you have to work smarter not harder,” said Perla Vazquez, a Kilgore College student.

Kilgore College modeled this system off of the one used at Odessa College, and are the first school in East Texas to introduce it.

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