Jaywalking caught on camera

After getting a tip from a viewer about the excessive jaywalking in downtown Tyler, We decided to take a look for ourselves. Many people have been caught jay walking coming in and out of the courthouse in the middle of downtown.
Tyler police say it’s illegal to cross the road if there are crosswalks available.
“A lot of close intersections are all controlled by traffic signal devices,” Don Martin, public information officer said. They all have the marked cross walks and you’re crossing mid block, then that’s jaywalking.”
Some people caught in the act say, it’s just way easier to run across. They say waiting for the proper signal takes too long.
“Just wait til the traffic pass, then cross the street. i always feel safe.”
But Tyler Police say that’s the wrong move.
“They [drivers] may not see you standing in the middle of the roadway and therefore you get hit,” Martin said. “So that is not a good idea to do. We see that quite frequently.”
Some Tyler residents will take their chances.
“If  I  don’t see any cars, just kind of go ahead and go I guess. Instead of just going corner to corner,  I  kind of just took a diagonal route.”
One man feels it’s safe either way as long as you know the traffic flow of the intersection.
“Once you have an idea of how the traffic patterns go, then use caution.”
One man said parking is to blame. He said people who work downtown have to park up front and pay. Every few hours, they have to run to the meter and put more money in just to work.
“They’re no longer making ten dollars an hour, they’re making nine. So basically they have to pay in order to work. Forget about the jaywalking, fix this.”
The viewer who sent in the tip that jaywalking was a growing concern left this statement:

“I noticed this problem as soon as I moved to Tyler, Texas, about 5 years ago. Jaywalking is not just a downtown problem, it’s all around the loop, inside and out. After purchasing my new vehicle and attaching a dash camera to it, I decided it’s time to start making people more aware.
I believe this is already has the attention of the people, the problem is people are simply in a hurry. The quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line, and that disregards oncoming traffic and safety.
I believe jaywalking needs to start being enforced, at least in front of our own city courthouse. I’m not saying everyone needs to be ticketed, maybe a simple warning. People need to be aware of how dangerous it is to bolt in front of traffic. Thousands of tax payer’s dollars have been spent to have working pedestrian cross walks at many intersections, and many times they are being blatantly disregarded. I understand Tyler, Texas is still considered a small and growing city, but to walk in front of traffic is a very dangerous choice, and it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.

People need to realize that cars do not yield to pedestrians outside of a crosswalk. Even if a vehicle in lane 1 does yield for a jaywalking pedestrian, the vehicle in lane 2, may not. Looking both ways is not sufficient if your jaywalking across 4 lanes of traffic, be smart and use a crosswalk.”

You can keep up with Falco16’s facebook page here. His full video is posted there and on his youtube channel, Falco16.


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