MUST-SEE VIDEO: Woman plays violin while doctors remove brain tumor


LONDON, United Kingdom (KETK/NBC) – Medical technology that seems incomprehensible to most allowed for a woman to play the violin while surgeons removed a tumor from her brain.

The procedure took place at King’s College Hospital in London and the patient provided some light music while doctors operated behind a drape.

The woman was identified as Dafmar Turner, a 53-year-old professional musician who was diagnosed with the large tumor back in 2013 after suffering a seizure during a performance.

Doctors initially did not want to operate since the tumor was benign, but it continued to grow and threatened an area of the brain that controlled movements of Turner’s left hand.

The surgery began under general anesthetics, but she was then woken up to play her instrument. This allowed doctors to avoid areas of her brain that were activated while Turner performed.

The operation removed 90 percent of the tumor and three days later, Turner was able to return home to her son and husband.

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