Historic Mantooth House in Lufkin now to shelter women getting sober


LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – Renovations on the historic Mantooth House in Lufkin were recently completed.

Now the nearly 100-year-old home will be a sober house, a beacon of hope and place of recovery for those battling addiction.

“I walked through house a little over a year ago and thought this was a perfect environment for women to return to the community and have a safe place to live,” said Judge Bob Inselmann, President of the Mantooth House Board.

Judge Inselmann has been helping recovering addicts for many years in Angelina County, and all too often he sees people relapse and drift off the road of recovery.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women come, and they’re in their 30s, and I ask them ‘when was the first time you used meth?’ and they say ‘well I was 11 or 12 years old,” he said. “They didn’t learn from their moms and dads on how to go home and go make cookies, go to work and get their education. Unfortunately they learned a terrible addiction.”

They didn’t have a safe home to live in, nor did they have roots to return to.
This house offers both.

In the coming months, eight women will call this place home  all hoping to reach a turning point in their lives.

“Many of them have been using for a long long time and so they don’t have the skill set to push themselves without help,” said Phyllis Grandgeorge, ADAC Deep East Texas Executive Director. “This is going to push them along the way of recovery and after a year they are going to be able to be independent, and they’ll be able to be successful in a job, and also many of them will be mothers and they will be successful mothers to parent their children.”

For those living in the sober house it will be the second step in their road to recovery.

“It’s frustrating because we have all these great programs, we send people off to residential treatment and then they come back and go back into that same toxic environment,” said Judge Inselmann. “Instead of doing that this is an opportunity where we let eight women come back from some type of treatment; and when we tell them that they need to change everything, they need to change everything not just their social media…they need to change their environment.”

While there the women will do everything from basic household chores, to job training, paying bills and becoming independent in a sober and restored environment.

“We want them to feel proud living here with new furniture, beautiful hardwood floors, it’s just a beautiful home,” said Kelley Moore, Mantooth House Board Member. “We would love to see eight women living here successfully, learning to have that sober environment, rehabing, recovering and be successful in our community.”

All hoping they can be restored to be a point of pride, like the historic home restored just for them.

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