High school student builds desks for free for students in need in Virginia


PURCELLVILLE, Virgina (KETK)- A teenager started a non-profit to build desks for students who need it the most.

Colby Samide is 17 years old, and despite his young age he is already helping his community in a big way.

Samide builds desks for students for free. His mission is to help those who are less fortunate have a place to study since many students are studying from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The teenager has built 62 desks already. He also has a Facebook page called Desks for Distance where he posts updates and pictures of the process.

Samide told KETK on Facebook that he was inspired to help other students because he saw a group called Desks by Dads on Facebook. This group also provides free desks to low-income students, so they can have a place to study while they attend school virtually.

The high school student wrote that he has received a lot of support, but he is planning on putting this project on pause. This way he can succeed during his junior year. Samide added that he is planning to start building desks again around Christmas and during the summer.

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