HARVEY ALL OVER AGAIN: Southeast Texans brave yet another massive flood


Fannett, Texas (KETK) – It’s been two years since hurricane Harvey submerged most of Southeast Texas and it seems to be happening again.

Thursday morning in Fannett, Candice and Dillon Kotz woke up to an unpleasant but familiar sight.

“It sucked to wake up to water in our garage and laundry room but at the same time it really wasn’t that much of a shock because it’s not like we haven’t done something similar to it before,” said Candice Kotz.

With such a downpour many are saying this storm is just as bad, if not worse than Harvey.

“It just depends on where you’re standing,” said Dillon Kotz. “There’s some folks, I would say us, that it’s significantly worse than Harvey. There’s some that it’s not as bad as Harvey but it just depends on where you’re standing but it’s catastrophic along the lines of Harvey to say the least.”

Even with the rain still coming down people still felt the need to get in their boats and help their neighbors.

“As bad as it is we’re Texas strong, it’s nothing we haven’t been through before, we got through it last time and we’re going to help each other all get through it again,” said Dillon Kotz.

With such a depressing atmosphere they knew people needed something to keep their spirits high.

Candice first recorded a video of Dillon lifting a kettle bell in their flooded garage to the humor of many others.

“It’s either cry or laugh and in our case try to make some other people laugh, get them a little joy, get them a little a smile going kind of thing,” said Dillon Kotz.

“And then he had to keep going with it; then later a barbell, then later on a fishing pole,” said Candice Kotz.

Because it takes more than a few feet of water to get these people down, they will recover and they will do it together.

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