Gohmert says ‘we should be at war’ with Mexican drug cartels


TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert was in the KETK studio Wednesday evening to discuss his views on current events with anchors Neal Barton and Kaci Koviak.

One of the topics he addressed was the killing Tuesday of nine American family members, three women and six children, in Mexico by members of a drug cartel. Gohmert said the fight against cartels “probably should be” considered a war by the U.S. much like the global war on terror. The cartels “have been emboldened, they’re getting more and more violent, they’ve been killing off policemen and military members in Mexico, and this is just one more step down the road of violence.”

“We need to do something,” Gohmert said. “the best thing we could do is secure the border, cut the $100 billion or so they’re making down to a trickle, and then all of their influence goes away and Mexico could be one of the best economies in the world.”

“We should be” at war with the cartels “with all of the Americans being killed from the drugs from Mexico and especially with the fentanyl that’s being mixed in with all the drugs they’re bringing in and selling. We should be at war with the drug cartels, but the Mexican officials have said ‘we don’t want your help taking them out, we don’t want you at war with the drug cartels,’ which tells you they’re being controlled by the cartels or are scared to death of them.”

On the impeachment front, Gohmert continued his opposition to Congressional committees taking depositions from witnesses in closed-door sessions and defended his and other Freedom Caucus members “storming the SCIF,” or sensitive compartmented information facility, many with cellphones in hand. Some experts have said that bringing smart phones into a secure facility is a security risk.

Gohmert said he took his cellphone out before entering the SCIF and so didn’t break any rules. “I didn’t violate the rules, I followed the rules. I took my cellphones out before I went in. I knew the rules, and so all of those who’ve been calling saying ‘you broke the rules,’ you don’t know the rules and you don’t know the facts. I didn’t break any rules by going in there and trying to exert our jurisdiction.”

Watch the video for Gohmert’s full comments.

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