NO INSURANCE, NO HOME: Rusk family loses everything after fire rips through house


RUSK, Texas (KETK) — A house fire is devastating no matter how you look at it, but for victims who are renting a home and have no renters insurance, the fire claims everything. That’s exactly what happened to Freddie Guthrie of Rusk, Texas.

“It was bad in just a matter of seconds.”

Freddie Guthrie, home renter

What used to be a house of brick and a roof overhead is no more for Guthrie. He is now homeless after losing everything to the flames.

“I’m starting over, I lost everything,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie has been going to work at Sonic for five years but now has no home to go home to. The rubble is left as a reminder of what once was and what was left behind.

“My puppies ended up dying,” Guthrie said. “I had five.”

Some things you can’t get back. Some things you could if you have renters insurance.

“You want to protect your personal belongings and yourself from liability,” Jimmie Bergman, State Farm Insurance Agent, said. ” Personal belongings are typically more expensive than what they believe.”

He says it’s inexpensive to have that peace of mind.

“Having renters insurance is a big peace of mind,” Bergman said. “Your typical renter’s policy would cost less than what a large pizza would cost, very inexpensive.”

With no renters insurance, nothing here can be reclaimed for Guthrie. He’s now using his pain as a precaution for you.

“Anyone can use renters insurance, so have that, and have fire alarms because we didn’t even have that,” Guthrie said.

And he’s asking for anything, after losing everything.

“It would help out a lot,” Guthrie said. “I could use anything.”

From clothing, kitchenware, shoes, to any home furniture, Guthrie needs it all. The fire took everything. Guthrie is also in hopes of finding a new place to live.

There were two other people inside the home. They have found a place to live but have lost everything as well. There is a charitable account set up at Austin Bank for them. It’s the Rebecca Worrell account.

The sizes for men clothes needed are 30-30 and 32-30 jeans, large shirts, 2x shirts. Shoe sizes are 8 1/2 and 12 1/2 to 13 size shoes. For the woman, she wears size 14 pants and large shirt with a size 9 shoe.


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