EYE IN THE SKY: We show you the first Frontier flight out of Tyler to Denver


Tyler pounds airport was buzzing Tuesday afternoon, as passengers eagerly awaited Frontier’s first inaugural flight.

But it wasn’t just a big day for the airlines, local business at the airport were just as thrilled.

“Well, it’s exciting for Tyler, Texas,” said Juan Gonzalez with Ruffo’s Kitchen. “It’s the first time that we’ve ever seen a plane of this size arrive to the city and to learn that it’s all full and everybody’s excited to see them in town, we’re excited with our small shop here and at the Tyler pounds airport.”

Before our reporter, AnnaLise Coble, went through TSA, she caught up with Kacee Watts, her mother lives in Tyler, she in Denver. She had just arrived on the first flight into Tyler with Frontier Airlines.

“So much more convenient, my family lives here, prior to flying straight into Tyler, we would have to fly into DFW, and then it’s a two to three hour drive from Dallas all the way over, so it just makes for a really long travel day,” said Watts. “Kind of eliminating that middle man, flying into DFW, is so much nicer.”

Now it was time for us to take our flight.

The gate was bustling with excited travelers.

The flight was packed, but the seats were roomy enough and bathrooms plentiful. Flight attendants offered up beverages and snacks for purchase during the flight. A soda rang up for $2.99, with snacks and alcoholic beverages ranging in price.

Once we landed, it was off to a tram to baggage claim, because the Denver airport is huge.

The flight was off to a great start, we only hit a little bit of turbulence as we coasted into the mountainous town, which led the entire cabin into a collective scream. But nothing to worry about, it was smooth sailing from there and a little comical, honestly.

Here’s what travelers had to say while they waited for their luggage.

“I’ve heard mixed reviews about frontier, but from my experience, honestly, I’d do it again,” said Dylan Schofield.

“I’ve been flying frontier since 1981 and always had to go to Dallas and didn’t know this was a maiden flight, so that was super fun, the kids really enjoyed it, we hit some turbulence coming in, into the mountains, and they screamed and they wanted some more of it,” said Mindy Borden. “It was fun, everybody was excited to be on it and Frontier was lovely.”

Overall, it was an easy, quick flight. No more than three hours from boarding in Tyler to walking out into the Denver sunshine.

The crew was kind and the view was breathtaking.

So make sure to take advantage of the introductory $39 rate. They fly three times a week; Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Each day, there is one flight to Tyler from Denver and one from Tyler to Denver.

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