Experts say Mondays are cheapest to fill up gas tanks amidst rising prices


Gas prices are increasing nationwide due to increasing demand and tightening inventories, according to Triple-A. 

However, they list Monday morning as the cheapest time to fill up, while Friday afternoons are the most expensive. 

In Tyler, the average price is $2.49 a gallon. Longview averages $2.54 a gallon.

Those numbers are a little lower than the $2.60 average across the state of Texas. 

Fortunately, Triple-A has some advice to help drivers save at the pump. 

They say maintaining steady speeds, using cruise control if possible, removing extra weight from your trunk and comparing local prices can help cut fuel use. 

Driving when temperatures are cooler so you don’t have to run your air conditioning is another fuel saving tip as well. 

Several East Texans are starting to feel the rising prices. 

“You’ve got gas prices that are going up and food that’s going up but yet wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living,” Roy Moreno, an East Texas resident, said, “and so that’s causing a problem for some families out here that are trying to make a living.”

While some who are invested in oil are excited about the increase, it’s also taking a toll as well.

 “As an older senior adult I have some investments in oil and gas and I really like it when crude oil is drawing $65 a barrel,” Michael Ogg Sr. said, “but I don’t like it when I go to the pump.”

Prices are about five cents higher than this time last year. 

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