Lindale ISD adds new American Sign Language class to high school


LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – Lindale ISD adds a new American Sign Language class to their high school.

According to the Eagle Eye News, the school’s newspaper, the class is chance for students to get their foreign language credit in one year.

“There was a push to get a few more foreign language options and Mr. Chilek was aware that I knew sign language,” teacher Amy Thompson said. ”I feel like it is my dream job.”

Thompson has used spins on games to provide students a “fun and interactive” way to learn.

Some of the silent games include go fish and sign language scrabble.

Students will get the chance to learn about deaf culture through the ASL class.

The class has helped students to learn how to include the hard hearing and nonverbal into conversation.

The class also will give students an opportunity to make money in college and afterward by interpreting.

“Learning ASL opens doors for later opportunities in almost any field of study they choose to pursue,” Thompson said. “These days so much time is spent behind a computer screen or smart phone that we forget there is much more that goes into communication.”

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