East Texas woman warns women of breast implant dangers after FDA recall


Around 400,000 American women undergo breast enhancement surgery every year.

The FDA reports there are now 573 cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma worldwide, a cancer that has been officially linked to a textured breast implant manufactured by Allergan.

33 women have died of the cancer, at least 12 have died directly from their breast implant, which have now been recalled by the FDA.

“I have literally hundreds of patients contact me wanting information about removing implants, wanting to know even more importantly just what’s their risk,” said Elizabeth Potter, a plastic surgeon. “Women want to be informed and they deserve to be informed.”

Like Lin Reynolds of Arp, you wouldn’t know just by looking at her that she thought she was on the brink of death just a few years ago.

“It’s the only time in my life, I think that I’ve been suicidal, I was so depressed and feeling like, you know, I’m making this up or why doesn’t the doctors understand that these aren’t psychosomatic things that are happening,” said Reynolds.

Her body was ravaged by pain and sickness.

“Autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, I had like a plastic film growing over my eyeball that no one could figure out, they said it was some sort of vitamin deficiency,” said Reynolds. “Just all kinds of gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, I mean, you name it, I had it.”

The trouble started a year after she had breast implants. Seven years later, she decided to have them removed.

“I asked them if I could keep one,” said Reynolds. “I was in the car, my husband was driving, and I held it up and it was pawn scum floating in it.”

Reynolds says the implant was filled with mold and she believes it was the cause of her many illnesses.

While she didn’t have the now recalled Allergan implants, she doesn’t think any breast implants are safe or necessary.

“I know statistically, not everyone is going to have these problems, but for the people that do suffer these issues, it’s life changing and not in a good way.”

She hopes sharing her story will save lives.

And she has one final message for women watching.

“You are beautiful just the way you are,” said Reynolds.

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