Dairy farm to use robot for milking


The Waldo Way Dairy Farm has been a successful small-farm business for years. Since production has done so well, they decided it was time to take the next step. They’ll soon be adding a robot to milk their cows!

“The robot is actually an arm,” Dennis Milhoan said. “It’s like your arm, it has a shoulder, it has an elbow, and it has a wrist that turns. It’s very very gentle. It’s not going to hurt the cow in any way.”

The dairy farm has 60 cows, 20 that are pregnant. They say with the robot milking cows, it should really help them keep up with production-and expand it.

“This robot will allow us to do that, now we’ll have more milk production. We’ll have even the facilities to be licensed and put our products into retail markets.”

The Waldo Way has a high demand for their products. They’ve sold out of milk every day they’ve been open for the past four years.

“We just love all the products they make,” one customer said. “I mean the milk is just absolutely fantastic, it is wonderful in terms of it’s taste. It has some great, wonderful, health benefits. We just love everything that they do here.”

Customers come from everywhere to pick up their goods.

“We love the milk but my favorite is the liquid yogurt and it has lowered my blood pressure considerably. I don’t even take blood pressure medicine anymore.”

The Waldo Way is excited to expand their farm and to continue serving the community. They believe in the purpose of whole, raw milk and what it can do to help the human body. To find out more nutritious information about their products, visit their website at https://www.thewaldoway.com/.

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