Critters causing yard problems


Armyworms and grasshoppers are taking over yards. In East Texas, Armyworms are causing the most damage.

Armyworms travel in large groups and eat away at grass and hay. Red River Specialties Incorporated in Tyler says now is the season you’ll see them come out.

“With all this rain that we had last week, they’re taking over people’s hay meadows and pastures. I had a customer bring in a Ziploc bag full. They can completely wipe out a pasture in a matter of days,” David Arias, Customer Service and Warehouse Manager said.

And if you’re wondering where they get their name–

“You’ll see them just marching along out there in the pasture, looks like it’s just waving along. If you see them out there, they look just like an army.”

Yard specialists say it’s a really hard thing to prevent.

“Most the time we just treat it whenever we see them. Grasshoppers do the same damage, and we can treat them with the same products.”

You just have to be ready to treat it as soon as you see it.

“They need to treat it immediately, or else, I mean if it’s bad enough, they could take over their pasture overnight.”

The worms like to eat Bermuda grass. For people who grow hay for a living, they can be severely affected. The insects will eat away at the hay and it’s hard to recover. The good news is they are treatable.

“These are a few different products we’re handling right now to fight them, silencer being the most popular one. We can use several different products.”

For more information, you can contact Red River Specialties Inc at 903 596 7728.

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