Colorado woman returns WWII soldier’s letter to family


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado ( KRDO /CNN) – A decades-old letter from a soldier to his wife ended up in the hands of a Colorado woman.

With the help of the internet the woman, Katy Hadduck, made sure the note made it to the soldier’s family.

“My darling Marge, I got your letter today and one from mom.”

Sgt. Johnie Watkins penned these words to his wife Marge in March of 1946.

“The return address was an APO, Army Post Office in San Francisco,” said Hadduck. “Which makes me think he was in the Pacific theatre at the end of the war.”

Hadduck recognized the stamp on the letter because her father also served in World War II.

The letter is filled with poignant observations and reflections about the war.

“Sixteen men went home tonight and ten more are to go tomorrow and the next day. I sure feel bad when I see them all go and I just seem to stay on and on.”

Sgt. Johnie Watkins

These words are a part of a family’s story.

“His little boy Johnie had just sent him a Valentine’s letter and he was wishing his little son a happy Valentine’s Day,” said Hadduck.

Thanks to help on social media, Hadduck tracked down Johnie Arthur Watkins III and hand delivered the letter.

Watkins says there were hundreds of letters just like this one.

When his mom passed away last week, the letters she left behind were too much for Watkins to handle.

“It feels good to have them back again,” he said of the letter Hadduck returned to him. “I had many of them, but since she just passed away I made the decision not to read them. “

So he threw them out. But of the hundreds of letters, this one ended up back at his front door.

“I’ll read this one,” Watkins said.

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